A Sunday afternoon photoshoot with spanish rapper recording artist Aid Alonso.

  Spain and L.A. spanish rapper and songwriter Aid Alonso in Long Beach, California -   Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spain and L.A. spanish rapper and songwriter Aid Alonso in Long Beach, California - Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back at it with another blog, and coming off another fun photo shoot. So yesterday (Sunday) I had the opportunity and privilege to work and hangout with Aid, a local spanish hip-hop recording artist and songwriter here in the L.A. area. Aid is originally from Vigo, Spain up in Europe and has been living the L.A. lifestyle over the last few years. She is currently studying full time at Cal State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Her main focal point and study in college is electrical engineering. Aid has been in the hip-hop world for many years, since she was a little kid and continues to work hard consistently with recording, producing and writing lyrics in her music. You can also check out her website and her facebook page here by clicking on the links below:


www.aidvigo.com and Aid's Official Facebook Page

Now, Working With Aid!

I've known Aid for a little over a year now, since March of 2015, and I had been wanting to get to work with her for a while now, and it was very much fun doing so. We both met up in Long Beach at the Shoreline Village on a rather gloomy, yet gusty Sunday afternoon. We sort of did a feeling out process of the pier, and it was a kind of natural, organic process of warming up and getting great shots of her in certain areas of the boardwalk. We started off by her posing rather basically up against the rails, and her looking off into the distance. It worked well, with each pose. She's a natural at posing correctly, and doesn't even have to try. She gets it right each time and she easily makes a great model as well. I wanted to get certain compositions of patterns with her in it, such as her posing on the bridge, and having the palm trees in the backdrop frame her, and by having the rails of the bridge be lines.

During the shoot, we had several instances of the cold Long Beach wind blowing at us, and it actually managed to work well for us, because in certain shots, the wind came off across as a fan blowing at her hair. It literally was almost as if we were using a fan for an outdoor studio session. The sun would frequently pop in-and-out in an on-and-off fashion, so I felt going into the shoot I probably wasn't gonna need my scrim reflectors and tripod. Overall, the shoot was a lot of fun, and walking around the boardwalk with her and talking about music and photography and other forms of art in the world. We also talked about our families She suggested that I seem rather similar to her brother, with all my natural idiosyncrasies lol. I look forward to teaming up with her again, and doing another shoot in another location in the L.A. area this June. Proud to know her and to work with her, and it's always great working with someone who's nice, down to earth and just fun to kick it with. Til next time, peace.