Hiking with Diana today in Griffith Park L.A.

A unique hike and shoot with Diana!

Hello, so I'm back with another blog. This one is a little different though, because I had so much fun today hanging out with Diana and working with. Such a fun girl to hangout and work with! We met up today at Griffith Park in Los Angeles late this morning. I drove there this morning around 10:00 AM. While I was driving, I was flipping through stations on the radio like I typically do, and I happened to hear news around 10:30 that legendary singer Prince had passed away. Really just shocked me, and I had heard on KTLA news last week that he had the flu, and had been hospitalized but apparently was getting better. Just devastating news and startling to say the least. Love his music and he left an amazing legacy here with us. A real artist. #RIPPrince

Afterward, I parked at Griffith Park and saw Diana outside her black jeep. Such a nice girl and really sweet and polite. We began hiking up a rather steep dirt hill, and sort of just experimented with the environment surrounding us. Her poses were just magnificent, as you can see in the photo above. She doesn't even have to try and she gets it right.

Her and I talked about a lot of stuff. She's a hiker. Its her main hobby and her form of escapism as well. She started hiking just a few years ago, and had labeled herself as a "city girl" at one point in her life. It all started with her just running, and doing that as a daily activity. Soon enough, it eventually transitioned into hiking. She hikes whenever she has the opportunity. Very skilled at what she does, and it's her passion in life. I had told her that I admire the fact that she has a passion, and loves what she does, because not a lot of people love what they do in life. Her and I had never been in this particular area of Griffith park before, so we both went into something unknown. It was exciting and fun overall. Great interacting with her and talking about our families and things of that nature.

I loved positioning her in various poses, such as her just looking out into the distance, or her standing between the flower bushes. With her hands on her waist posing like a statue, she doesn't even really have to try at all, as I said before. The compositions of the photos speak for them selves. I also had her pose with her sunglasses on. Didn't have any real problem at all working with her, and she came out looking extremely beautiful in each shot, with and without the reflectors and scrim. After the photoshoot finished up, we walked back down the hills, and took selfies, and headed to our cars. We talked about Prince and Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and all these amazing talents that passed away at such a young age. I look forward to working with her again and we'll try another hill elsewhere, or a park perhaps. Should be fun! :)