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Hello, and welcome to my website, Chris Duran Photography. My name is Chris Duran, and I am a photographer here in Los Angeles County. I've always enjoyed photography over the years, especially since I was 14. It's my passion that I naturally enjoy on a regular basis. I love portrait, landscape and travel photography in particular. I love music as well; always listening to music every day, and continually trying to learn the piano and acoustic guitar. I also love movies of course. Traveling is great whenever the opportunity arises. My job as a photographer is to make any person or subject look as good as possible, and I intend on continuing to do that with each and every photo shoot I do. Last, but not least in anyway, I love my Family and God.


Where I was born: Long Beach, California. USA.

Date of birth: August 31, 1990

Where I was raised: Los Angeles County.

Education: Cerritos College, Downey Adult School, and UCLA Extension Program.